Automotive Sector – CNC Operator – Machining Technician Level 3

This training is for 40days and covers:

Carrying Pot Pre Machining Activities – Understanding the component requirement, Different Types of Machining process, Draw basic level drawings and charts, Read and interpret engineering drawings and sketches.

Support the operator in performing machining operations- Setting up the machine as per the instructions/guidance from the machinist, Support the machine/operator in performing machining on the component, start lathe or turning/drilling/milling machine for operation, escalations of any queries regarding the Job.

Support the operator in Conducting all post machining activities- Performing the minor machine maintenance activities, Maintain the machine as per proper operational conditions, Adding coolant and lubricant in machine reservoir and assist the operator in the tools change process.

Maintain a healthy, safe and secure working environment- Identifying and reporting of risks, creating and sustaining a safe, clean and environment friendly work place, personnel Protective Equipment etc.

Maintain 5s activities at work premises:- Ensure sorting, ensure proper documentation and storage, ensure cleaning of self and the work place, ensure sustenance.