Light Engineering Sector – CNC Operator – Turning and Milling

This training is for 30days.

In Turning the students are taught:

  • Fundamentals about machineries.
  • CNC operator Training- CNC Observation, types of CNC Turning Machine & Types of Control.
  • CNC Turning Machine Axis.

Model Program

  • CNC Setter Training – Work holder & Tool holder Selection, Speed & Feed calculation, Setting.
  • Programmer Training – CNC Liner Programming- Facing, Turning, Step Turning, Chamfering, Taper Turning, Angle Method.
  • CNC – Canned Cycle Programming- Turning Cycle, Facing cycle, Finishing cycle, turning cycle.
  • Additional Programming-Double Side Operation and Bar feeding.
  • Tooling & Drawing Symbols – Nomenclature of Inserts with ISO Standard Code, ISO Drawing Symbols and Quality System.

In Milling the students are taught:-

  • Fundamentals about Machineries.
  • CNC Operator Training – CNC observation .Types of Milling Machine & Types of Control, CNN Milling Machine Axis, Explain Work Set & Height Offset, Introduction to CNC Milling Programming.
  • CNC Setter-Work holder & tool holder selection, Speed & feed Calculation.
  • CNC – Canned Cycler Programming- G81- Spot Drill, Drilling using Polar method
  • Advanced Programming- Scaling, Rotating, Mirror, Plane Selection, Thread Milling.
  • Tooling and Drawing Symbols.
  • Soft Skills etc.