Retail Sales Associate

This skill training programme is listed under the Retail sector Skill council. The duration for the training is about 280hrs.
Key Interest in this training will be

  1. To process Credit Applications for Purchase.
  2. To help keep the Store Secure.
  3. To help in maintaining healthy and safe sales.
  4. To demonstrate products to customers.
  5. To help customers Choose right products.
  6. To provide Specialist Support to customers facilitating purchases.
  7. To maximise sales of goods & Services.
  8. To provide Personalised sales and post-sales services support.
  9. To create positive image of sales & Organisation in the customers mind.
  10. To resolve customers concerns.
  11. To organise the delivery of reliable service.
  12. To improve customers relationship.
  13. To monitor an solve service concerns.
  14. To work effectively in your team.

The training duration is 280 Hours comprising of 140Hrs Theory and 140 hrs of practical.
Every trainee must take up the assessment exam conducted by SCVT both in theory and practical. Individual assessment agencies will create evaluations or skill practical foe every student at each examination/training centre.
To pass the qualification pack every trainee should score a minimum of 70% in every NOS.